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0mg Ezee E-cigarette Cartridges Tobacco 1050 Puffs

0mg Ezee E-cigarette Cartridges Tobacco 1050 Puffs

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Indulge in the familiar and robust taste of tobacco, without any nicotine, with the 0mg Ezee Filter Tobacco cartridges. Each pack contains 1050 puffs, split between 3 convenient cartridges, each offering pure and authentic tobacco flavor with 350 puffs. Perfect for those searching for a nicotine-free option that still delivers the essence of traditional tobacco. Designed for ease and portability, the Ezee Filter Tobacco is ideal for on-the-go vaping, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. Immerse yourself in the rich and genuine tobacco notes with every puff, knowing you can enjoy the taste without any nicotine. Elevate your vaping journey with the 0mg Ezee Filter Tobacco and its 350 satisfying puffs per cartridge, for a total of 1050 puffs of pure tobacco enjoyment.


  • Compatible with Ezee E-cigarette
  • Tobacco Flavour
  • 1ml E Liquid 
  • 0mg Nicotine
  • Up to 350 puffs depending on your puffing style
  • 3 Cartridge's Per Pack 

What's in the box: 
3x Ezee Filters Menthol Flavour


  • Tobacco 
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