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Kloris 5mg Sleep Support Patches - 30 day supply

Kloris 5mg Sleep Support Patches - 30 day supply

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Experience restorative sleep with Kloris 5mg Sleep Support Patches - a 30-day supply of natural extracts that may help you drift off faster and awaken feeling refreshed. A potent blend of valerian, passionflower, and premium CBD extract helps you get the best out of your sleep - without the groggy feeling. Discreet and easy to use, Sleep Patches give you the all-natural way to a great night's rest.
  • 5mg Per Patch
  • 1 Patch Per Day 
  • 30 Patches 
  • Use Before Bed 
  • 1 Months Supply 
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Waterproof
  • Adult Use Only
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Not Tested on Animals 

How to use: 
Apply one CBD patch to a relatively hair-free area of skin CBD patch is activated by your body heat allowing the CBD and other active ingredients to be absorbed through your skin and into your body. 
Remove the patch after waking up 8-10 hours. Any residue can be washed off with warm soapy water. Patches can be used with other CBD products.

Valerian, CBD (5mg Per Patch), Passionflower, Hops.

THC content<0.2%

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