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Nebula Titan Dry Herb Vapourizer

Nebula Titan Dry Herb Vapourizer

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By just switching it on, setting your temperature and letting the vape do the rest, you'll experience the ultimate in Dry Herb Vaping with the Nebula Titan Dry Herb Vaporizer. With a clear TFT screen and pure glass mouthpiece this will be the cleanest vaping experience you'll have.

- Ultra fast heating time that raises the temperature from 0 to 230°C in under 35 seconds

- Solid construction we have designed with a metal body made from zinc alloy for a premium feel

- So simple to operate. Just three button presses to turn on, choose your temperature and let the vape do the rest

- The Ceramic heating chambers is unreactive and regulates the correct temperature at all times resulting in the cleanest experience possible

- With a specially designed glass mouthpiece, you'll get a smoother and crisper tasting experience every single time

- High quality TFT screen display which shows battery level and temperature settings. Watch your vape hit the temperature in seconds

- Dual function you can vaporize dry herbs and concentrates using the mesh pads included
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