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Nectar Hex Press - 1.5T Automatic Rosin Press

Nectar Hex Press - 1.5T Automatic Rosin Press

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The Nectar Hex Press is a 1.5T Electric/Automatic rosin press. It is equipped with up/down buttons to control to pressure applied by the plates to simplify the pressing process. The Hex Press features a precision thermometer, session timer and touch LCD display; enabling you to easily set the technical parameters you require. It weighs 18kg and features a carry handle making it particularly portable.

The Hex Press packs 120W of power and hosts two 6cm x 9cm isolated heating plates. Isolated heating plates allow you to select individual temperatures for each of the plates and hence opening up the opportunity for specialised presses.

The machine is easy to use and has a high average yield rate of around 20-25% (may vary depending on the quality of the material used). It also comes with a user manual guiding you through a successful max yield press - as well as featuring Nectar's top tips for pressing.


  • Size: 270 x 200 x 225mm
  • Electrical: 220 volts, 120 watts
  • Temperature Range: 0 - 150°C
  • Plate Size: 60 x 90mm
  • Heat-up Time to 100°C: 03:00 (3 Mins)
  • Maximum Compressive Force/Flower Capacity: 1.5T (1,500kg)
  • Compressive Mechanism: Automatic
  • Up/Down Buttons For Simple Pressing Process
  • Touch LCD Display: For Improved Control
  • Max Pressing Capabilities: 2g (May vary depending on density)
  • Quality Materials: Solid Aluminium Plates (Food Grade)
  • Temperature Control: Digital
  • Isolated Plate Heating: Heats Each Plate Individually From The Other
  • Digital Timer
  • Portable: Features An Attached Carry Handle
  • Dual Heating Plates/Even Distribution: Uses a Micro-Processor Precision Temperature Gauge

Box Contains:

  • 1 x Nectar Hex Press (1.5T Automatic Rosin Press Machine)
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x User Manual (Includes Nectar Pressing Tips)
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